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The Importance Of Gold In Egypt

Gold is classified among the elements that have been known to the humankind for centuries. Several civilisations that discovered gold benefited intensely with the advantages gold offered. We too are aware of the fact that it is not only amazingly eye catching to look, but cheap michael kors it displays several other properties that makes it unique in its own way.

The history of gold is present in ancient books, where we can find out how it was found by civilisations. One of the best features of gold is that it is a safe metal, which does not harm the skin. It is easily given any form, and it can be melted repeatedly. Along with this, it is a good conductor of electricity.

There is s strong association between gold and Egypt, simply because this country was one of the few civilisations to discover it. They benefited a great deal from this metal, and it quickly began the resource of the country. Not just in the olden days, but in the present day, gold holds the top most value in the business hub.

Prior to sale through money, gold was used as a source for trading and buying purposes. There are many countries, which followed this system of using gold for trading, out of which, cheap michael kors handbags Egypt showed great liking for replica cheap Michael Kors it. Not only was gold used as money, but was also used for other purposes.

Out of the several civilisations in the world, there were some, which worshipped the Sun. This also included the people of Egypt, where sun was considered as the main attribute of life. Since gold is yellow, and bright in colour, it was linked with sun, in many civilisations. In fact, this element was also related to be the skin of god (including the RA).

The only person who was allowed to wear gold in the initial years was the King himself. However, with the passage of time, this honor was permitted to some valuable priests and certain members of the royal court. This civilisation has a discount michael kors chamber with the fake michael kors name of “the house of gold” where the sarcophagus of the king was kept.

The ability of gold to corrode never also gave it a close resemblance to the attributes of gods. An amalgam of gold and other metals was made to cover the pyramids over the top and obelisks. The spiritual and religious importance and value of gold compelled it to be used in funerary art. The great example of cheap michael kors purses which is the mask of Tutankhamun. Even though, gold was abundantly present, mining, and obtaining gold was certainly not a simple task.

The mining of gold made many enemies for Egypt, since neighboring countries would create problems during the mining of gold. The task of mining for gold was given to the prisoners of the Egyptian society. The military team with sharp eyes while looking out for gold supervised them. Mostly, gold was found and mining was done in Nubia, and the area of the eastern desert. The history tells us that the Egyptians valued gold in those days, and this is evident by looking at the number of Michael Kors handbag outlet jewellers present in Egypt.

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