Revlon Professional Nutri Color Filter 3 in 1 Cream Shadow


Colour Through A New Lens

Magnify colour through care. Revlon Professional invites you to see and create colour as modern layers, introducing new Nutri Color Filters.

Our magnifying filters will dare you to go well beyond colour. Intense colour, care and shine in a unique mask texture that opens a world of multi-chromatic possibilities. Get ready to see colour through a different lens with Nutri Color Filters


Nutri Color Filters now gives you absolute creative control over your colour services. These totally renewed colour formulas have been designed for colour precision and excellent performance across the board. Customization at its best, adapted to a new generation of more demanding clients.

  • Ideal for advanced users & early adopters
  • This filter will generate a smoky effect over any colour of your choice
  • A little goes a long way
  • You only need a small amount for a great result
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Digital Color Chart

Digital Color Chart

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