Colouring Services

Achieving a beautiful colour that brings out your best features may be quick or may take time. A full consultation is needed to assess your natural tones and formulate the best colour for you. Price varies for each customer, so ensure you receive a quote before proceeding with your service.

All prices are custom to the individual and may vary per location. We recommend a full consultation before each service.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Single Process Colour $80+ $90+ $100+
Men’s Colour $55+ $70+ $80+
Partial Hilights $100+ $110+ $125+
Half Head Hilights $120+ $135+ $150+
Full Hilights $135+ $150+ $170+
Men’s Hilights $95+ $100+ $110+
Colour & Partial Hilights $125+ $135+ $150+
Colour & Half Hilights $135+ $150+ $170+
Colour & Full Hilights $150+ $170+ $185+
Clear Gloss $60+ $60+ $60+
Correctional work is based on consultation.

Fiorio colourists and stylists work on the level-based system. We determine the level according to three vital factors: years of experience, skill level, and client retention.
Level 1: 1-2 years of experience
Level 2: 2-5 years of experience
Level 3: 5+ years of experience

* At the end of each service you will see an ECI charge on your receipt. This is a fee that normally gets worked into the cost of the service however we wanted to be very transparent with where that fee goes. To learn more about all the amazing things done with the ECI please click here.