Fiorio Beauty Academy

The Fiorio Beauty Academy was established to create a stylist that would possess the same vision and passion that is recognized with the Fiorio name.

The Fiorio Beauty Academy is a learning institution, as well as a working salon. We have created an environment that allows the students to gain the talent, confidence, and knowledge they need to apply the current trends and looks of today’s demanding styles.

Our courses offer training and education for the novice to the experienced stylist. We teach the Fiorio cutting, colouring, and styling techniques. In addition, students are educated on the current trends and styles of the industry. This knowledge and awareness enables students to unleash their inner potential by sparking a creative passion for hair. Small class sizes ensure quality instruction and individual attention. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a professional and resourceful environment for the students, conveniently located in the scenic Beaches Village in Toronto. Job opportunities within Fiorio Hair Design are available to graduating students. Furthermore, the students are given the opportunity to learn directly from a highly respected industry icon, Maurice Fiorio.