Fiorio Technique

Maurice Fiorio’s exposure to the French style of cutting and colouring gave him an edge in Canada. It was softer than we had experienced in North America at the time. The French style was romantic and soft, women’s hair moved and was sexy.

During this time, Vidal Sassoon was introducing the very geometric haircuts that were quite innovative and progressive. Hard lines, strong shapes. These shapes and styles inspired Mr. Fiorio and he encouraged himself to learn this technique.

This drove him to develop his signature style. He mastered the shapes, then shattered the style with his texturizing sheers. At this time, texturizers had never been used in this manner. By merging the classic French style with the new edgy Sassoon shapes he created an identity for himself. And women LOVED it!

Maurice chose the approach to combine the 2 different styles to make his own. He texturized, elevated the hair, creating movement with shapes. Those shapes were designed to suit the individual, taking into consideration hair texture, face shapes and physiques and really creating a style that was suitable for each person.

His other “Ah ha” moment happened while on vacation in Bahamas. He was sitting on the beach watching a photoshoot take place.

While the wind blew through each strand of the models hair and lifted it, it uncovered a new perspective on haircuts that move and flow.

He offered to cut her hair on the beach and she agreed. As he began to cut he allowed the hair to elevate, cutting from the inside out.

His signature cut was finally becoming clear. Fiorio cut is easily recognizable by:



Strong shapes

Soft lines

Up until that point exterior cutting and heavy weight lines were popular. This style works with the individual’s natural wave patterns and texture of hair. Maurice Fiorio’s innovative discovery created an even softer cut, allowing the hair to gradually fall into place in a more natural way.

He knew from that moment on he would no longer follow trends – but create what he felt would bring out each client’s natural beauty, making it wearable, soft and easy to manage. Maurice broke new ground when he cut hair from the inside out using texturizing shears. He dubbed this technique “texturizing”, which has since been synonymous with his signature sexy cuts that flatter the individual with shape and movement.

This innovative technique has changed the way hairstylists view haircutting on an international scale.