Interested in hair modelling for Fiorio?

We are constantly looking for the talent to participate in runway shows, photoshoots or demo haircuts. If that’s something you’re interested, fill out the form below to get in touch with us.

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Fiorio Model Release Terms:

In consideration of my receiving application of any product or service provided by Fiorio Hair Design, I, the undersigned, hereby release you, Fiorio Hair Design and each of your Stylists/Colourists from:

Any and all liabilities for any damages and/or injuries and/or allergic reactions resulting from or caused by the employees/agents, and/or equipment, accessories, lotions, creams and/or treatments used in connection therewith.

From any and all liability for damage and/or injury sustained by me as a result of using any products purchased or received by me from you which are sold or supplied by Fiorio Hair Design. Any products purchased or received by the undersigned from you shall not be deemed to be whole or part consideration for the foregoing.

For value received, I also hereby consent to the use of my name and/or likenesses of me however created, as well as reproductions in any form with or without alteration, by Fiorio Hair Design, for the purpose of advertisement of the trade of a similar or different nature as Fiorio Hair Design may choose.